Elhoim Leafar

About Me

Elhoim Leafar is an astrologer, dowser, and traditional shaman devoted for several years to the study and teaching of esoteric subjects through digital platforms and social networks. Elhoim serves as an author, blogger and a regular columnist for various national and international publications where he writes about Neo-Paganism, witchcraft, astrology, motivation and spirituality.

At an early age he starts reading the tarot and exercising other conventional forms of divination, between 13 and 21 years an official part of various Coven and at 16 began as a practitioner of the Afro-Caribbean religion “Yoruba” where he began studying near Candomble, the Quimbanda, Umbanda and Voodoo, belonging to such neo-pagan current since.

Elhoim has participated in various cultural projects in his home country (Venezuela) related to religious tolerance, environmental protection, and dissemination of Wicca, Neo-Paganism and Shamanism. He has taught several courses and workshops to develop the magical potential of the human being, empowerment through practice astrology and its application to personal growth, highlighting his workshop “Eternal Roots: Social justification of Wicca and Shamanism as a way human naturalization in our days” (2005-2006), which was commented on several radio programs. He contributes regularly as an activist and is an inspirational columnist for various magazines in different countries.

Family Voyage

Elhoim is originally from South America and learned from his mother and sisters various forms of divination, additionally his is mother a popular healer who is dedicated to helping people with her herbal treatments, baths and sessions devoted divination.


Beyond implementing the ways of modern witchcraft and trends of the “new age” his approach is “to bring back what we do not want nor should we forget” reviving old traditions and folklore about the moon, the spirits and nature.

Fortune Telling

Elhoim has studied and implemented various conventional forms of divination, highlighting mainly as dowser, tarot reader and palm reader, note that his astrological predictions are often widely read and even commented on various blogs, media, magazines and digital platforms.

Events & Interviews

Aug/18/2016 - August Full Moon
Sep/01/2016 - Solar Eclipse
Sep/16/2016 Lunar Eclipse
Oct/31/2016 - Samhain Online
Sep/22/2017 - Autumn! Southward Equinox
Oct/01/2017 - Publication!
Oct/25/2017 - Making Magical Charm Bags Workshop
Oct/29/2017 - Book Signing + Talk about Practical Magic


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Wicca! Love & Soul

Teachings and Experiences About Love, Life and White Magic

A book dedicated to the Moon Goddess and created to be read during the different phases of the same. This is a training guide including theory and practice of Wicca, white magic and traditional witchcraft. A complex and very spiritual book full of advice for practitioners and believers. Contains hundreds of spells, amulets and rituals for individual practice and several short passages on astrology, daily motivation and inspiration.

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Also available for Kindle.

Rites of Happiness

Secrets, Spells & Reflections

A book dedicated to the Sun God and written to understand the strength of that star which nourishes us with his light every day. A manual of esoteric studies for those who are attracted by mysticism, traditional magic and free spirituality, full of formulas and spells to help you achieve all your goals, also includes a brief selection of personal thoughts, inspirational columns and quotes.

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Flowers From The River

A Moon Story

First illustrated book of the author, a brief and concrete fable full of references to the Indo-European folklore, pagan myths and magnificent illustrations made with great dedication. A story that will make you think and discover a small part of these great legends that have been lost in the woods. First part of the “Tales of the Forest” collection.

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Also available for Kindle.

The Magical Art of Crafting Charm Bags

October 2017

“This book will be a welcome and useful edition to any magical practitioner’s bookshelf.” —Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, Magic When You Need It, The Big Book of Practical Spells, and other books of magic.

Charm bags, also known as mojo bags and gris-gris bags, may be the most popular style of amulet or talisman in the world today. Crafted by people from many cultures and spiritual traditions from all around the globe, they are created for many purposes. Until now there has been no definitive guide to the art of creating these magical power objects. The Magical Art of Crafting Charm Bags remedies this situation.

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